About Sigma Phi Psi Sorority

About Us

Sigma Phi Psi was founded in February 2000. Sigma Phi Psi is a military, educational, service & social sorority that focuses and places great emphasis on the complete woman. Our members are spiritually, mentally and physically fit; and because we are "Keepers of the Free - World", we incessantly encourage and support each other not only to grow as individuals, but also to grow as a unit. We encourage leadership, friendship, education, scholastic achievement, philanthropy, community service, social awareness and athletics [This is our Big 8 Platform].

SPP Tidbits:

Colors: Red, White & Blue
Mascot: The Lioness - "Strong but Sincere"
Motto: sui generis - "One of a Kind" - "Unique"
Flower: The White Rose

SPP Mission:

Our mission is to be beacons for the world. In other words, no matter where we are or whatever situation we are in, we must let our lights shine! We will form global network alliances of professional, educated, strong and sincere women so that there is a Sigma Phi Psi Sister in every military location - stateside & abroad! (so that each Sister will always have another Sister to turn to) In completion of this objective, we will be able to carry out our total Military, Educational, Service and Social missions.